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Freemake Video Converter is an inexpensive freeware video conversion program developed by Ellora Assets Corporation for use on Mac OS X. The software can be used for transformation between several video formats, to rip video CDs, create photo slide shows and music visual presentations. This product is made to be simple and easy to use for those who aren't familiar with sophisticated video conversion applications. With the exception of some minor limitations like a propensity to compress data whilst at the conversion process, this app does work quite well.

Freemake Video Converter enables users to rip and encode both DVD and Blu-ray video. The app works excellent on Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard. Additionally, it's also compatible with Windows. The freeware was made with the goal of making it even more accessible to ordinary computer users, especially people who don't have vast expertise in terms of computer use and operating system.

The totally free Media Files Optimizer application may be downloaded from the official site. Upon installation, the very first screen you will see is that the"Convert To DVD" button. Select this button to begin the conversion procedure. The next screen will show the record list of the source video. Clicking the plus sign will expand a menu to show the various file formats that this software can import into the application.

The second screen will show the video converter's interface. From the primary menu, pick the option to modify the frame rate and quality of the video. To playback your recorded media, click on the"Open" button. The freehandbrake YouTube video converter includes a fantastic feature which lets you preview your captured media utilizing the online movie's website. To play the media, just open the movie in the website where you could see it at its best quality.

Thirdly, you have to choose your preferred output formats to be converted. You may choose among the available output formats such as the flash video format, avi or file, wmv, mov, avi, etc.. The avi and files are compatible with all kinds of operating systems, particularly the windows system. Furthermore, both of these formats are all supported by just about all browsers such as the Firefox browser. For the avi file, you may choose that the Applets or Flash.

As soon as you have selected your preferred format, the final step is to pick the conversion program. To accomplish this, click the"pick favorite" icon from the menu. The x ray Media Recode button will be shown. Click on the x ray Media Recode button to begin the conversion.

Finally, you need to run the video converter and then wait for it to finish. Just await the procedure to complete and you'll observe the movie converter total work. You can now convert the sound and movie files. Now you can burn the audios or watch the movies directly from the DVD discs. The ffmpeg conversion software is extremely user friendly, making it simple for everyone to use.

I only tested this movie converter. It worked flawlessly, and the conversion has been a breeze. It's highly compatible with all my Windows Operating System. Even if you've got a Linux computer, the ffmpeg functions flawlessly. I'm quite satisfied with the performance of this Aviimex AViemix movie converter, and I highly suggest it to all my friends who are searching for an affordable video converter that's easy to use and keep.

It's very good that you can take advantage of this converter with Windows Vista or even higher. It has been tested with Windows XP too. The video output quality is superb when using the free version of this Aviimex AViemix. It uses exactly the same format options as the first, which means you get to enjoy high quality output. Using all the free version of the converter, then you can also enjoy various compatibility options with other video format choices such as AVI, WMV, MPG and MPEG-2. This makes it very flexible so you may use it together with different programs.

The one thing which may be lacking from the free version is that the ability to compress the videos and audio. But nevertheless, the greatest free version of this program is the one which offers you all of the qualities you need in a movie converter. It could convert videos and audio with ease, and it has a very simple interface. All you want to do is launch the movie converter, pick the video file or video source, then simply click the"Start" button. It runs in only a couple of seconds, and you may start enjoying your favourite videos. That is exactly the reason why this is regarded as the finest free AViemix available on the industry.

Aviimex is extremely simple to use, also it's a simple setup procedure that doesn't need you to have any technical knowledge. There are additional video conversion programs out there, however, Aviimex is definitely the finest free version on the marketplace. You receive all the features that come with all the paid versions, and it's significantly more reliable also. If you're searching for an effective video editing program, try Aviimex.